Roddy Ricch’s "The Box" Goes 4X Platinum

Roddy Ricch’s "The Box" Goes 4X Platinum


At this point, calling Roddy Ricch a rising star would be an understatement. His cinematic single “The Box” is quickly becoming one of the year’s defining tracks, and it didn’t even have to resort to a gimmick or antics-driven publicity campaign. If you’ve been living beneath a rock and have yet to hear the song, the formula is refreshingly simple — melodic bars delivered over triumphant theme-music strings and an iconic windshield-wiper refrain tying it all together. 

Roddy Ricch's "The Box" Goes 4X Platinum

In short, “The Box” has all but moved in and unpacked its furniture on the Hot 100 charts. It’s currently in the midst of its ninth week at number one, a major accomplishment considering that his competition is the likes of Drake, Future, and Lady Gaga. In spite of a stacked playing field, Roddy Ricch’s momentum has continued to the point where some are wondering what might eventually dethrone the young Compton rapper. And if that does indeed end up happening, he’ll have some shiny new wall-mounted decorations to show for it.

As of today, the 30 Roc & Dat Boi Squeeze produced Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial banger has officially sold four million album-equivalent units, earning Roddy his fourth platinum plaque. All of this before his twenty-second birthday. The fact that Ricch managed to captivate such a wide audience with a genuinely hard-hitting and original hip-hop song should not go uncelebrated. We’ve frequently seen genres blend in an effort to secure mass appeal, and Roddy has forsaken none of his artistic principles in favor of a quick bag. You’ve gotta hand it to the young man. Who knows where this early success may take him? Either way, he’ll always have the house that EEE ERR built to kick back in.