Rob Gronkowski Infiltrates WrestleMania 36 & Wins 24/7 Title

Rob Gronkowski Infiltrates WrestleMania 36 & Wins 24/7 Title


Rob Gronkowski is an entertainer, plain and simple. While playing for the New England Patriots, Gronk cemented himself as one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game. He was also a massive party animal who loved to have fun and make jokes at his own expense. Add in his physique and you’re left with a man who was made for the WWE. Athletes from other sports have gotten into wrestling before so Gronk’s recent exploits with “The Company” shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise.

Last night, was the fanless WrestleMania 36 that everyone was anticipating. Considering the fact no one was in the stands, it ended up being a fantastic event with a lot of risks being taken. One of those risks involved Gronk who was acting as a ringside reporter in the 24/7 match. While looking at the carnage below, Gronk jumped off of a small balcony and took out every single wrestler on the floor.

From there, he got off a pin and was crowned the 24/7 champion. To think, Gronkowski won another championship before Belichick or Brady. If this doesn’t signify the end of the Patriots dynasty, we don’t know what does.

As for Gronkowski’s foray into WWE, we can be sure to expect a lot more from him in the future.