Rising Pop Star Ava Caceres Falls For Bella Thorne in ‘Be Somebody’s’ Exclusive

Rising Pop Star Ava Caceres Falls For Bella Thorne in ‘Be Somebody’s’ Exclusive


Up-and-coming pop star Ava Caceres has unveiled the music video for her debut single "Be Somebody's," premiering exclusively on Streets Talkin Thursday (Jan. 9).

Set in a lavish theater, the clip for the Damon Sharpe-produced track finds the 19-year-old in a budding — and ultimately dashed — romance with Bella Thorne as she and the star rehearse alongside actor Charlie DePew for an unidentified stage play.

"But if someone had to hurt me, I'm glad that it was you/ One day I'll be somebody's/ Wish you well 'cause you deserve it, I just could not break through/ Let your heart be somebody's," Caceres laments on the heartbroken chorus.

Channeling her love for musical theater, the singer-songwriter cites the likes of Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler as inspiration for the anthem. "This song was born out of a time period that was emotionally difficult," Caceres tells Streets Talkin, "and in the spirit of becoming a process of healing, I thought of the strength that these artists I looked up to held and I knew that I needed to carry the same mindset."

"I hope 'Be Somebody's' is a window into the soul for anyone who is in need of personal acceptance and independence," she says of the song's message. "My biggest hope is that anyone, most especially those who are suffering from heartbreak, can latch on to this message of reflection and march forward knowing you can prevail regardless of your past."

Check out the exclusive premiere of "Be Somebody's" below.