Rihanna Says She’s Starting Her New Album Over

Rihanna Says She’s Starting Her New Album Over


Although Rihanna’s name has stayed relevant the entire time, it’s been more than eight years since she dropped her last album Anti. Before this, her longest hiatus between LPs was about four years, so the wait for the Navy has been a tough one, even with all of her ventures outside music.

Today, Rihanna was in LA for the launch of Fenty Hair, which looks like it could be another massive success for her. When speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the event, she talked a little bit about new music and had some thoughts that will excite some fans and be exhausting to others.

Rihanna says that music has been a rediscovery process for her and that she’s been working on the album for so long, that she put a lot of it aside. “Now I’m prepared to go back in the studio” she says, saying that she will now start R9 over, in a sense.

She did say that she doesn’t want to neglect the music she’s recorded over the years. “I wanna actually go back and like, listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective and then see what applies and what I still am in love with.”

Check out the clip below. As a fan wanting new music from Rih, are you taking this as good news or bad news? If she’s being sincere, it could be a few more years before we even get an album campaign started. But who can blame her?