'Ride Or Dies' Will Be Tested On The Next 'Challenge'

'Ride Or Dies' Will Be Tested On The Next 'Challenge'


Siblings, couples, amicable exes, best friends: These are some of the strong and unparalleled bonds between The Challenge Season 38 teams. Make way for pairs of ride or dies.

MTV today announced The Challenge: Ride or Dies will premiere on Wednesday, October 12. Hosted by TJ Lavin, the show’s cast — featuring returning fan favorites and bright-eyed rookies — will navigate the weekly mental and physical gameplay together for their share of $1 million. 

These relationships will be put to the ultimate test as their teamwork, loyalty, and trust will be challenged every step of the way. In this game, it all comes down to who you trust and who has your back, because this season of The Challenge will either break bonds or tie two competitors together for life.

While Kailah’s husband Sam thinks they have the “upper hand” against the rest of the field because they are married, Survivor: Kaôh Rōng champ Michelle “wants this” desperately for herself and her partner Jay. And then there’s Devin, breaking down his complicated history with Tori.

“Enemies, frenemies, friends, ride or dies!” he exclaims in the trailer above. Perfect little summary.

Who exactly are the ride or dies vying for the next Challenge title? Check out the entire cast, below, and stay with MTV News as we approach The Challenge: Ride or Dies on October 12 at 8/7c.

Meet the teams:

Amber Borzotra

Instagram: @amberborzotra 

Chauncey Palmer

Instagram: @c.palmerofficial

Nam Vo

Instagram: @nam.vo.official 

Emmy Russ

Instagram: @emmyruss

Devin Walker

Instagram: @mtv_devin 

Tori Deal

Instagram: @tori_deal

Fessy Shafaat

Instagram: @fessyfitness

Moriah Jadea

Instagram: @moriahjadea

Laurel Stucky

Instagram: @laurelstucky  

Jakk Maddox

Instagram: @jakkofheartss 

Kailah Bird

Instagram: @kailah_casillas 

Sam Bird

Instagram:  @samrobertbird


Instagram: @turabi 

Tamara Alfaro

Instagram: @tamaraaalfaro

Nelson Thomas

Instagram:  @_nelsonthomas

Nurys Mateo

Instagram:  @nuryskmateo

Jay Starrett

Instagram:  @jqskim

Michele Fitzgerald

Instagram:   @mich_fitz 

Horacio Gutierrez

Instagram:  @horaciogutierrezjr

Olivia Kaiser

Instagram: @oliviaannkaiser

Kim Traenka

Instagram:  @kim_tnka

Colleen Schneider

Instagram:  @colleenschneider

Johnny Middlebrooks

Instagram:   @johnny_llee

Ravyn Rochelle

Instagram:  @itsravyn 

Tommy Bracco

Instagram:  @tommybracco 

Analyse Talavera

Instagram:  @analysetalavera 

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio

Instagram:  @johnnybananas 

Nany Gonzalez

Instagram: @nanycarmen

Jordan Wiseley

Instagram: @jordan_wiseley

Aneesa Ferreira

Instagram: @aneesamtv

Darrell Taylor

Instagram: @darell_taylor_lb4lb

Veronica Portillo

Instagram:  @v_cakes  

Kaycee Clark

Instagram: @kcsince1987 

Kenny Clark

Instagram: @officialkennyclark

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