Rick Ross Fixing To Become A New Meme

Rick Ross Fixing To Become A New Meme


Rick Ross is out here getting his fitness right, challenging anybody to a foot race but his ridiculous recovery video has people creating a whole new meme.

The Miami rapper went for a run and documented the process on Instagram Stories, asking his fans if anybody was game to try and take him down. The video shows Ross breathing heavily as he recovered from the exertion, breathing through his mouth and smiling a toothy grin. 

It’s nice to see him paying attention to his health but, unfortunately, the upload has since become a meme, being spread across social media with people creating their own captions.

“When the coyote finally catches the road runner,” wrote one fan. “When you bite the chicken while the grease still [hot],” said another.

People are truly getting creative with this one and, to be honest, this has the potential to become the next big meme. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this a few times during our nightly TikTok scrolls.

Rick Ross Fixing To Become A New Meme
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The legendary figure recently announced his upcoming reality show with his new girlfriend, also showing off the exterior of his palatial home in recent weeks. 

What would you caption the video of Rick Ross going for a run?