RIAA Certified Gold Producer Austin Sexton Premiers “Roses” Record and Visual

RIAA Certified Gold Producer Austin Sexton Premiers “Roses” Record and Visual


Austin Sexton has established himself as a well-respected musician having awarded the title of Recording Industry Association of America IRIAA) Certified Gold Producer. “Roses” is Sexton’s latest release. The video is his anthology of personal growth where he sheds his old self and officially embraces the new self. As a man in love he uses his unique blending of sounds to deliver to his audience his sweet sound of alternative soul.

“Roses are red…” is repeated as he takes us through his gut-wrenching growth as a man expressing himself. In the video he seen killing himself. Translated, he was shedding that young immature man and growing into the real man he is today. Now as the lyrics indicate, he can really love the woman who has won his heart.

She speaks briefly in the song. Her words are quite descriptive of her reasons for choosing a man of means. “I ain’t got it like that but I can get it for you,” singing to his woman. His woman’s take on her man, “I don’t need no nig.. with money but every woman needs a nig.. with money. You feel me?” All this blended perfectly to produce “Roses”, a stirring mix of pop, live instrumentation, and traditional soul.

Austin Sexton delivers a great composition demonstrating his musical prowess as a musician and vocalist. Hailing from Pennsylvania, Sexton is a talented musician mastering over ten instruments. To date he has produced multiple gold albums and with the addition of “Roses” is likely to be celebrating a new top ten single.


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