Reunion Update: Did DJ Pauly D And Nikki Give Their Relationship A Real Shot At Love?

Reunion Update: Did DJ Pauly D And Nikki Give Their Relationship A Real Shot At Love?


Nikki had always remained steadfast in her goal “to be” with DJ Pauly D on Double Shot at Love — after the awkward U-Turn first few days. But during the finale, the Jersey Shore star wondered if the duo — who met and fell for each other initially on Season 1 — was indeed ready to take it to the “next level” and confessed the only way to truly know was to just “do it.” Of course, their status update was an early topic on part 1 of the show’s reunion — and host Adrienne Bailon-Houghton inquired if they had stayed true to their previous statements post-Las Vegas adventure.

“It’s an interesting question, and it’s a very deep question that I don’t even really know if I can answer right now,” Pauly D began, as note writer Nikki got up from her seat and was noticeably absent.

“Wait a second — where did Nikki go?” Adrienne asked, as the cast members looked equally perplexed.

Turns out, Pauly and Nikki were together, as she swiftly entered another room and plopped right next to him (and in front of his camera).

“We’re in a healthy bubble — we’re happy,” Nikki gushed, as they revealed they were living under the same roof. “We’ve been getting along great!”

“Yassss” is right!

So how did they get to this point? After this season wrapped, the DSAL lovebirds continued to see each other — Nikki would visit Pauly while he was traveling, and they maintained their connection even though it was long-distance. However, they both realized that it was ultimately time to give it a real shot at love. In the middle of a global pandemic — with cooking/Pauly’s eating.

“Quarantine helps a lot,” Nikki admitted. “It’s a real test on a relationship when you’re in one place with somebody. And I think for most people … they will never make it. But we’ve been doing great.”

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