Rebecca Black & Best Buddies' 'Alone Together'

Rebecca Black & Best Buddies' 'Alone Together'


Rebecca Black has teamed up with Best Buddies International to release the uplifting track “Alone Together” to benefit the global non-profit, which helps create opportunities for people with intellectual and development disabilities.

The touching acoustic track, written and performed by the “Friday” singer along with Best Buddies Ambassadors Brett Fleming, Christina Hundley, Marlana VanHoose and Alphonso Murphy, sends an inspiring message about reaching out across the distance.

“When it all falls apart and we’re a million miles away/ We can still be together in many different ways,” Black sings over an acoustic guitar. “We’re all along together/ Talking with each other/ We’ve learned to make new friends/ And love one another/ And even though we’re apart, we’re together at heart/ Looking into the future, there’s a better place to start.”

All proceeds of the song will go directly to benefit Best Buddies’ global programs. In a note explaining the genesis of the project, Black and her collaborators said that on April 7 during the stay-at-home orders imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, they all hopped on a Zoom call to spend some time together and share their experiences in lockdown.

“What started as a Zoom call with a few buddies for fun during quarantine turned into a song that I absolutely love,” said Black. “Nothing beats seeing the way everyone’s eyes light up when a great, new idea is brought up while writing together. I have been so continuously inspired by the buddies throughout the process of putting this song together… it can be quite daunting to put yourself out there creatively in the ways they have, but they have been fearless. There’s never been a moment where they haven’t been encouraging and open-hearted to each person involved.” 

Black has been working with Best Buddies since 2017, appearing at the annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference and social events in Los Angeles, according to a statement. “It’s been so special to create something together that connects us while we are all virtually ‘alone,’ what I think we all want this song to be is something that can help bring that hopefulness and encouragement to those who really need that guidance right now, no matter where you are or who you are,” said Black. 

The song is available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube today.

Watch the teaser video and listen to the song below.