R&B Singer Q. Kiara Shares New Single ‘Love Song’

R&B Singer Q. Kiara Shares New Single ‘Love Song’


There has always been a synergy between R&B and Hip-Hop artistes and the sounds they produce from the mid-1990s. The symbiotic relationship between the two genres has resulted in many hit collaborations between artists from the respective genres, as well as an exploration of sounds – with hip-hop artists themselves including R&B riffs and signatures in their music, as well as R&B artists doing the same with hip-hop flows and sounds. R&B Singer and Songwriter is an example of R&B artistes adding hip-hop flavours to their own music, and she demonstrates the seamless merger on her new record – Love Song.

Let’s talk about instrumentation. This record starts reminiscent of a real old school hip-hop feel but with enough R&B coming through in the ad-libbing to keep the listener guessing about whether it is a hih-hop track with R&B support or the other way around. By the time the record starts, Q. Kiara comes out swinging with vocals. It’s clear it’s an R&B track with Hip-Hop influences.

Vocally Q. Kiara sounds heavily influenced by the iconic Beyonce, but her ‘street swag’ allows her to add some grit to her otherwise pristine vocals. As the track plays and Q. Kiara starts rapping the verses, the hip-hop influences teased in the earlier parts of the track become clear. Her vocal choices make it clear that she is committed to the sounds and musical choices that made old school R&B and Hip-Hop acts the legends they are today. Still, even with plenty of rapping and heavy hip-hop influence, the track is clearly R&B – good R&B.