R&B Princess Laje’ Releases New Video “Pilots”

R&B Princess Laje’ Releases New Video “Pilots”


Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X5NLHt4Dao

Laje’ newly released video is the new talk of the town. It provides a sultry, sexy background setting. It was shot during quarantine like she was having a bunch of girls over when they decided to shoot the music video. In the video, you see them having fun, vibing to the music, and drinking.

It provides the vibe of the single, getting high off life, love, and friendship. Despite these challenging times, you can still get to have fun with your girls in your home, privately, and in safety. This artist has featured many other tracks, and this happens to stand out like all the other music she has done before. I’d encourage you to listen to her; she is the new R&B artist who is going to take over the industry with the kind of music she produces.

Her voice is beautiful, smooth, and authentic, and in combination with the rhythm of the beats, her songs give you a different soothing vibe, with a good number of lessons that you can get from the lyrics of the song. She has produced quite a several songs with different messages depending on the inspiration that strikes in.

This is the artist to look out for if you vibe to R&B music.