Rap Artist to Listen to This Week

Rap Artist to Listen to This Week


Each week we are graced with new artists that shape the success of the rap field. From Tik Tok hits to fresh beats, rap has always got us covered in every mood.

We have compiled a list of artists that we think should get on your playlist this week.


Some people may say his sound is dark, but that is not entirely true. $NOT has offered chill tracks for everyone to enjoy through all moods. For a laid-back afternoon, get on $NOT’s Spotify for more tunes to grace your playlist.

Yolo Ru

The North Carolina native Yolo Ru unveiled his new hit single titled “Enemies.” The artist and his brother are previously known for releasing yet another hit “Got It On Me” which has set them apart from the crowd.


An up-and-coming artist and a sure-fire hit, SpotemGottem will have you setting his songs on repeat. With his hit track, “BeatBox” going viral on TikTok, the Jacksonville rapper has more under his belt to offer.


Radamiz is an excellent lyricist with sick beats to offer. The Brooklyn MC has regularly expanded his craft in the New York “underground” scene over the 2010s. With a refined skillset that enables him to create poetic tracks, this artist is one to stay on playlists.


After his breakout song in 2020, “Hood Baby,” went viral on TikTok, KBFR
Caught everyone’s attention. The Philadelphia rapper later released follow up tracks where he skillfully displayed his full potential. Songs like “WEGO” and “Roll the Dice,” showed his ability to produce addictive, danceable music.