Rams New Logo Leaks, And It’s Pretty Awful

Rams New Logo Leaks, And It’s Pretty Awful


Marketing is both an art and a science. Coming up with activations and artwork that will keep people engaged can be quite difficult. When it comes to sports teams, these rules apply the most. Logos are what make teams recognizable. Every few years, some teams will change their logo in an attempt to rebrand and make themselves more attractive to younger audiences. According to a recent leak on , the Los Angeles Rams are trying to do just that.

In the post below, you can see a baseball cap with the new Rams logo on it. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This logo does, in fact, look like it was intended for the Los Angeles Chargers. Just look at the crest above the “LA.” It looks like the Chargers thunderbolt. Well, apparently this is for the Rams which realistically, makes very little sense.

Fans immediately noticed the similarities with the Chargers logo and pointed them out on social media. Rams fans were downright offended by the new logo and vowed to never buy merch with the insignia. The Rams have yet to comment on the leak and whether or not this is a real logo. If it is the real deal, we can only imagine what the Rams marketing department is going through right now. Perhaps yet another redesign could be on the way.

If you’re a Rams fan, let us know what you think of this logo, in the comments below.