RAAHiiM – You Love Me (Official Video)

RAAHiiM – You Love Me (Official Video)


Listen Now: https://open.spotify.com/album/3SfxHzJ0p0IImN2UiB3M9G?si=pOWmuG6UQFqBgS2XaHptMQ

Changing from his stage name Raaheim, the rebranded RAAHiiM comes with an updated name, a new style of music, and delivers a sound fans love with “You Love Me”. With the release of this new song, RAAHiiM reminds R&B fans around the world that this music genre is very much alive. Although not a newcomer to the industry, RAAHiiM has been making headway with the recent release of R&B that keep fans demanding more from this talented artist.

The Toronto native recently expressed that he is now creating music with a new sense of purpose and focus on creating his art. He has now shifted away from creating mood music and is now concentrating on telling a great story through the creation of his music. The artist is beginning to explore artistic sides of himself that he has not had the chance to deliver to fans before and the result is resonating jams like “You Love Me”

“You Love Me” combines an uptempo beat, hard-hitting bass, with trap and R&B vibes. Many fans express that this song and the artist deserve a lot more attention. The well-produced video for the song also gets credit for its trippy visual effects and fantastic combination of music and visuals. When you listen to this song and watch the video, it makes you wonder what else you can expect from RAAHiiM that will continue to resonate with fans.