R. Kelly’s Ex Alleges He Recreated His Own Sexual Abuse

R. Kelly’s Ex Alleges He Recreated His Own Sexual Abuse


It’s been one year since the public finally caught on to all of the disgusting crimes that R. Kelly has been accused of, which were presented concisely through the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries on Lifetime. The multi-episodic documentary included testimonials from some of his alleged victims, including his ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones. Telling her story on Surviving, Jones was a guest on Dr. Oz where she continued explaining just how dangerous her former partner is, detailing all that went on during her life with him. Revealing that she was slapped, kicked, and starved until she passed out, Jones recalled some of the “graphic” things he would force her to do while having sex, including some scenes that mirrored his own sexual abuse.

R. Kelly's Ex Alleges He Recreated His Own Sexual Abuse
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

R. Kelly was sexually abused at a young age and, in a new interview with Dr. Oz, Kitti Jones says that he actually enjoyed playing out memories from his own abuse. “Later in the relationship, there were things that he would ask me to do to him, sexually, that I connected to the abuse,” says 41-year-old Jones on the episode, which airs later today. “And that’s when I would feel really ill doing it to him because I knew where it was coming from. It was some pretty graphic things.”

The disgraced artist was abused as a child by “a man in the neighborhood,” also allegedly being preyed on by his older sister. Listen to Kitti Jones’ account of the situation below.