R. Kelly Trial Postponed

R. Kelly Trial Postponed


The public will need to wait a little longer to find out the fate of R. Kelly as it was revealed this week that the disgraced singer’s Chicago trial has officially been rescheduled to October 2020. 

The singer, who is being accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, is facing the potential of some new charges after over one-hundred electronic devices — including cell phones, iPads, and hard drives — were found in a storage unit belonging to R. Kelly. As per Rolling Stone, Kelly entered a plea of “not guilty” to thirteen revised charges against him in court yesterday (March 5), in addition to a string of new allegations by a victim referred to as “Minor 6.” It was also revealed that Kelly’s trial would be postponed from April 27 to October 13, giving prosecutors more time to investigate the electronic devices that were found in Kelly’s storage unit.

R. Kelly Trial Postponed
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Despite these devices being hidden away for a reason, Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg is not worried about what’s to come.

“We expect that they’re not going to find anything incriminating,” told Greenberg to reporters. 

While the federal trial in Chicago will be starting at a later date, R. Kelly is still facing trial in Brooklyn, which begins on July 7. We will continue to keep you posted on all potential developments in this case.