R. Kelly Responds To Azriel Clary Destroying Versace Jacket: Report

R. Kelly Responds To Azriel Clary Destroying Versace Jacket: Report


In R. Kelly‘s latest plea to get out of prison, he and his lawyers responded to the recent video of Azriel Clary cutting up a $4K Versace jacket that he gifted her. The singer’s ex-girlfriend shared a video of herself cutting up a jacket and calling out his fans for defending him. In an interesting turn of events, Kelly used this as leverage as to why he should be allowed to post bond.

According to The Blast, the singer’s lawyers argued that he can’t be at risk of witness tampering since Azriel Clary has made it clear that she hates him. He explained that there’s nothing he could do to make Azriel Clary listen to him, especially after the recent video she posted where “she takes a Versace winter coat that she stole from Mr. Kelly and cuts it up, showering herself in the feather filling,” his lawyers pointed out.

“It would be impossible for Mr. Kelly to engage in any obstructive behavior regarding this individual. She has, since leaving Mr. Kelly, created an active, for-profit, social media presence, requesting individuals to subscribe to her Instagram and YouTube channels, where she regularly speaks of how awful he was,” his lawyers wrote.

Kelly’s attorney managed to flip the narrative to paint Clary as a clout chasing ex-girlfriend who’s simply using the situation to build her own brand.

“It is clear from the audio that this was a premeditated stunt to gain viewers, with her mother in the background commenting that they had discussed using a knife and how that would have been much easier than using scissors. The rest of the video, as well as her others, has this Jane Doe talking extensively about her relationship with Mr. Kelly and her status as a victim. She is using her status to promote her brand. Watching all of this, it is obvious that she long ago rejected any allegiance to Mr. Kelly, could not be influenced by him or others acting on his behalf, and that any idea of a fear of obstruction here is simple fantasy.”

Kelly has been fighting to be released from prison out of fear of the rapid spread of coronavirus. His previous attempts have been shut down, even after he argued that his health conditions make him more susceptible to contracting coronavirus.