Quavo Officially Announces Migos Single "Taco Tuesday"

Quavo Officially Announces Migos Single "Taco Tuesday"


Like many rap artists grappling with the prospect of releasing an album, the Migos have been feeling the impact of COVID-19 in a major way. Though the trio was originally planning to deliver their anticipated Culture III as early as spring 2020, Quavo recently confirmed that the pandemic had thrown a wrench into their plans; as live music has become an unlikely commodity to resurface this year, any hopes to monetize the album to its full potential would be squandered.

Quavo Officially Announces Migos Single "Taco Tuesday"

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

As such, Quavo recently took a moment to outline a contingency plan. Compromising with a Quarantine Mixtape, Quavo teased a return to “Day 1” vibes, though he failed to provide a concrete release date. He did, however, announce a new single would be dropping next week — the curiously titled “Taco Tuesday,” a clear homage to the great LeBron James and his dietary traditions.

While a snippet actually surfaced through backchannels yesterday, Quavo has clearly decided to get ahead and reclaim the group’s agency. He even went through the trouble of piecing together an impromptu music video of himself and Saweetie indulging in a taco Tuesday of their own. Look for the new Migos banger to land on Cinco De Mayo, with hopes that the entire Quarantine Mixtape will swiftly follow.