Quavo Appears In "Narcos: Mexico" Season 2

Quavo Appears In "Narcos: Mexico" Season 2


Quavo‘s applying his real-life experiences from Atlanta bandos into the world of television with his recent appearance in season two of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico. The new season launched on Netflix earlier today and fans quickly noticed a familiar face as Quavo popped up on the screen. The rapper later celebrated his recent venture into the world of Narcos on Instagram.

We can only imagine that this has been in the works for some time. Culture II included the single inspired by the series, aptly titled, “Narcos.” With the power of cross-branding, Netflix and Quality Control found a way to get both Migos and Narcos on the same page. Netflix gave them a “world premiere screening” of Narcos: Mexico season 1 in 2018 and filmed their live-reaction to the series. Clearly, that put them in a position to explore their relationship further with Quavo’s role on the show. 

In related news, Migos will be releasing new music tonight as fans eagerly await the release of Culture III. Alongside Young Thug and Travis Scott, they will unleash “GNF” which stands for “Give No F*cks.” This is presumably the first single off of their forthcoming album which many have speculated will be arriving in late April or early May. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates surrounding Migos’ upcoming album. 

Peep Quavo’s Narcos appearance below.