Pusha T’s "S.N.I.T.CH" Brought Danger To Clipse Ex-Manager During Incarceration

Pusha T’s "S.N.I.T.CH" Brought Danger To Clipse Ex-Manager During Incarceration


Pusha T‘s debut album My Name Is My Name exceeded expectations initially set by the rapper who came up alongside his brother as the Clipse. It marked Push’s official venture as a solo artist after the release of mixtapes and stand-out verses. Reuniting with Pharrell on the song, “S.N.I.T.C.H” (an acronym for “Sorry N***a, I’m Tryna Come Home), Pusha T closed out the project on not only a high-note but a personal one as well.

Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez, the former manager of the Clipse, was locked up at the time the song came out but this became problematic for him inside of the prison. Geezy sat down with Vlad for a detailed conversation about the single but also, the repercussions he was possibly facing because people began to think that he was the subject of the song. Explaining that he didn’t identify any shots against him in the first two verses, it was a particular line in their that he took as a shot against him.

“Covered his own tracks, he didn’t care that
We had a legacy he killed, I got to wear that
Every move we ever made is gettin’ stared at”

“I’m like hold on, ain’t nobody built this legacy but me,” Geezy explained as he recounted his first reaction to the song. “So now I put my manager hat on and sayin’, ‘oh, I get it’. There is so much stuff surrounding people snitching and people doing this and people doing that and as an artist, he got to say something about it. He got to try to play the card of ‘hey, I don’t got nothing to do with this.’  It was well played because he’s very smart.”

Unfortunately, Push’s stand-out outro on MNIMN turned into problems for Geezy. “Other people [inside the prison] are looking at it like the Virginia boys are harboring a rat,” he explained.

Peep the interview below.