Pusha T Reveals Which Rapper He Tried To Sound Like In His Early Days

Pusha T Reveals Which Rapper He Tried To Sound Like In His Early Days


Pusha T is among rap’s elite in 2020. With over two decades in the game, he’s innovated and maintains his position as a top tier lyricist in this rap shit. However, before he was the Pusha T we know now — hell, even before he was the Pusha T we knew in the Clipse, the rapper was doing like most young rappers do and emulate someone as they develop their own voice. That person just so happened the be Jadakiss.

“Fun Fact: I spent all of my amateur rap career trying to sound like @jadakiss,” Push wrote on Instagram. “96-98, fortunately I found myself and have gotten to rhyme along side an inspiration of mine a few times, here’s another one… #HuntingSeason from the album #Ignatius dropping Midnite (3/6) RIP @icepicjay we miss you.”

“Hunting Season” initially dropped as a single off of Jadakiss’ forthcoming album. In wake of Pop Smoke‘s death, though, Pusha T announced that he and Jadakiss would be pulling it off of streaming services out of respect. “Hunting Season’ was a request that IcePick Jay (RIP) always had and in light of his death me and Kiss mad an incredible song,” he explained on his Instagram page. “With that being said, the whole concept of hunting season and the hypothetical ideas of ‘killing rappers’ isn’t setting well with me while mourning the recent death of Pop Smoke. Rest In Peace POP and condolences to his family.”

Ignatius drops tonight.