President Ariana Grande Does It All In Head-Spinning ‘Positions’ Video

President Ariana Grande Does It All In Head-Spinning ‘Positions’ Video


Forget the pair of politicians on the presidential debate stage last night. Ariana Grande is the new Commander-in-Chief.

In her stylized new video for “Positions” — a slinky song about being many things to one person — Grande occupies the Oval Office with support from her trusted advisors (including Victoria Monét, Tayla Parx, and her mother, Joan) before quite literally switching her position to whip something up in the kitchen. And then flash her heels while she signs an executive order. Ari can do it all.

As the song explores the various hats a lover can wear, Grande naturally wears a few of her own, and the hyper-real direction by Dave Meyers finds herself extricated from certain situations (like a photo op) and placed into others (like the bedroom). She also finds time, in her presidential duties, to recognize postal workers for their service and walk a whole slew of dogs on the White House lawn — imagine such concepts from the current administration!

“Positions” is the first taste of Grande’s upcoming sixth album, which she previously tweeted that she “can’t wait to give u” this month. By all accounts (and clues), it’ll drop on October 30, though nothing’s been explicitly confirmed yet.

In the meantime, we have President Grande’s “Positions” to enjoy and play on repeat. Check out the new clip above.