"Power" Recap: "He Always Wins" Eliminates Another "Who Shot Ghost?" Suspect

"Power" Recap: "He Always Wins" Eliminates Another "Who Shot Ghost?" Suspect



This week’s Power episode, entitled He Always Wins, followed Angela Valdez’s sister Paz in the days prior to Ghost’s shooting. Paz is one of the least likely suspects to be the shooter, especially considering there are so many other suspects with records of brutal violence. Thus, it’s perhaps unsurprising that she’s been eliminated from the suspect pool this quickly. The episode begins with Paz having a nightmare. She is in a hospital where she finds Jamie covered in blood, taunting her about Angela’s death. Out of all the characters that have died on Power, Angie’s death has been the most monumental. 13 episodes after her death, we’re still dealing with the emotional strife and fallout of the murder. 

Tired of her nightmares, Paz decides to take matters into her own hands. She visits Saxe, only to find Warner. Warner tells her that Saxe has been fired, which prompts Paz to head to his home. At this point, Saxe has been in contact with almost every suspect in Ghost’s shooting just before it happened. After learning from Saxe that Angela was about to be prosecuted before she died, Paz decides to come clean to Warner. She snitches about the incriminating cell phone she buried with Angela’s body, and so Warner exhumes the corpse and finds the phone. Unfortunately for Paz, the SIM card is damaged… another dead end. 

"Power" Recap: "He Always Wins" Eliminates Another "Who Shot Ghost?" Suspect

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While Paz is attempting to enact her revenge, we get a closer peek at her family life, which is part of what makes these individualized episodes for each character so interesting. Her father is suffering from dementia and her son Junior is taking care of him. Papi doesn’t know that Angela is dead, and keeps mistaking Paz for his other daughter. One night, Junior admits to Papi that Angela has passed, which causes him to have an anxiety attack that places him in the hospital. The drama at home won’t stop Paz from getting her revenge though. The distressed and grieving mother visits Tasha, who she pleads to for help. Tasha warns Paz that Ghost always wins, and that she cannot help bring him down and endanger the kids. Her spiel seems practiced or fake… Tasha is up to something. She’s always been that best at spinning people, and she appears to be doing just that to Paz. Tasha stirs the pot by telling Paz about Jamie’s new lover, and then allows her to leave bitter and enraged.

Still determined, Paz heads back to Warner and asks to wear a wire while questioning Jamie. For whatever idiotic reason, Warner agrees but Paz doesn’t get anything substantial out of Jamie. Instead, Jamie admits that Angela was helping to keep his family out of jail, which implicates her and eradicates the pension and benefits she would have left behind. This hinders her family further, Junior won’t be able to go to school and Papi’s won’t be able to enter a nursing home; both were dependent on Angela’s pension. At the end of her rope, Paz heads to Tommy’s apartment and begs him to kill Jamie. It’s hard not to chuckle when Paz asks Tommy to kill the man who killed her sister, and he non-chalantly rebuffs her request. We know he killed Angela, and Paz’s cries for help are just an annoyance to Tommy who kicks her out. Exasperated and angry, Paz goes home and cries herself to sleep. 

Junior takes it upon himself to try and kill Jamie after he hears his mother crying. Luckily, Paz stops him in time and orders her son to go home before taking his gun. In this moment, something flips in Paz’s head and she heads to Truth night club to kill Jamie. At this point, the audience sees the familiar shot of Paz cocking her gun before heading to Truth. When faced with the man she believes killed her sister, Paz ultimately cannot pull the trigger; a series of memories flash through her mind and tug at her heart strings. She heads home disappointed and goes to bed, which ultimately takes her off the suspect list. The next morning, Paz awakens to learn Jamie was shot and killed the night prior. This is the second time the show confirmed his death, perhaps for those of us who refuse to believe it is true. Courtney Kemp took some time this episode to highlight the Democratic Party’s loyalty to Jamie, and the power they wield (such as firing Warner). We’ll get a look at Ghost (or his body) at some point I believe, but the most interesting parts of the episode come at the end. 

Paz is called in by lawyers to sort out Jamie’s will. He updated his will to give Paz a sizeable chunk of money if he were to die, changing it to her name where it was once Angela. Paz refuses the money but then runs into Tasha. Paz asks Tasha straight up if she killed Ghost, but Tasha doesn’t answer. She only advises Paz to take the money. After a few refusals, Tasha drops a bombshell on Paz; she tells her that it was Tommy who killed Angela. This sets a mine off in Paz’s head, and she rushes to Tommy’s apartment only to find it completely vacated. The two biggest takeaways from this episode come in these last few minutes. Tasha obviously has some type of knowledge when it comes to who shot Ghost. Her refusal to simply say, “No, I didn’t kill him” is beyond suspicious. Next, Tommy’s disappearance is strange, but Tasha telling Paz he killed Angela is even stranger. Tasha must have known that Tommy was already gone, or she would not have revealed that information. She knew that he couldn’t get in trouble at that point because he was out of town. It’s looking like Tasha and Tommy have an important piece to the storyline that will finally give us the answers we are looking for. Now that Paz has been taken off the board, Tommy, Tasha, Tariq, and Saxe are the only remaining suspects. My bet is on Tommy.

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