Post Malone Hosts Chiefs At KC Concert, Parties With Mahomes, Kelce

Post Malone Hosts Chiefs At KC Concert, Parties With Mahomes, Kelce


The Kansas City Chiefs brought a Super Bowl title home for the first time in 50 years and the community is celebrating accordingly. The Chiefs championship parade went down on Wednesday and judging from the footage that has surfaced in the last 24 hours, the party might still be going strong today.

After cruising through the crowded, red-lined streets of K.C., Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes, tight end Travis Kelce and other teammates received a heroes welcome at Post Malone‘s show at the Sprint Center on Wednesday. Post, who wore a Mahomes jersey despite being a Dallas Cowboys fan, gave the Chiefs a shout out during his performance and later partied with the squad after the arena had cleared out.

Check out some videos from the concert in the tweets embedded below.

Both Mahomes and Kelce delivered impassioned speeches during the Wednesday’s parade, but it was Kelce, wearing the custom WWE Championship belt, who presented the lasting moment on the mic.

Some excerpts from Kelce’s monologue include:

“I love this team. I’m wearing half the beers I’ve been trying to drink, baby!”

“It’s been a long time coming because what did we do? We had to fight for our right to party!”

“21 years, how about that? 21 years,” Kelce said. “Y’all know what that means? Everybody here’s thinking, ‘Oh that’s when I can legally get a drink. No! 21 years, that’s how long it’s just been turning for my guy Andy Reid.”

“It’s just been turning and turning and turning, and what we do?” he asked. “We unleashed a can of whoop ass on everybody! 24 to nothing? I ain’t trying to hear it! Down 10? I ain’t trying to hear it! Fourth quarter, six and whatever left on the clock, down 10? We got Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid baby.”

You can listen to the full speech in the video embedded below.