PnB Rock & His Crew Get Into Brawl At Philadelphia Mall

PnB Rock & His Crew Get Into Brawl At Philadelphia Mall


As seen in newly-surfaced footage, PnB Rock and his company were seen engaging in a fight in his native Philadelphia.

TMZ reports that the artist and his team were spotted at the King Of Prussia mall, allegedly only entering the shopping center with the mission of locating a group of men and fighting them. The opposition was found inside of a Neiman Marcus when Pnb and five others attacked a set of three men and promptly left thereafter.

When matching up footage with the fight and footage obtained from social media, the fight appeared to have taken place the same day that PnB was seen back in Hill Creek projects in Philly as outfits of the rapper and his friends match the same ones seen posted to the timeline.

The outlet further reports that the security division of the mall did not comment on the incident and that the local police department alleges that they received no formal complaint of a fight taking place inside the mall.

So far, PnB Rock has yet to comment on the incident that took place in his hometown.