PnB Rock & Girlfriend Welcome Baby Girl

PnB Rock & Girlfriend Welcome Baby Girl


PnB Rock and his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, welcomed their baby girl, Xuri Li, into the world last Friday (March 27th), and the newborn is too cute for words. PnB shared the news on Twitter earlier this week, announcing the child’s full name and birthday, already gushing over his little bundle of joy.

“IM SO IN LOVE WITH Xuri Li Sibounheuang,” he exclaimed, followed by a separate tweet reading: “Xuri Was born into the 27th internet ain’t ready for her yet i swear lol.” According to his first tweet, the couple decided to give Xuri her mom’s last name, an unconventional but commendable choice. PnB and Stephanie have been dating for well over a year now. She announced her pregnancy back in December a vlog on her Youtube channel, where she documented her journey with the baby’s father thus far.

PnB shared a video of his newborn on Instagram a few days after she was born, which he excitedly captioned, ““BABY XURIIIIIIII.” In the comments, he went on to brag that his daughter had inherited one of his features, writing, ““SHE GOT MY NECK.”

In the clip, baby Xuri tries to get her daddy to breast feed her, not realizing that he’s the wrong parent for the job. Stephanie also gave the world a little peek at their baby girl. The new mama posted a photo of herself holding a sleeping Xuri, presumably after she had just finished nursing her. In the caption, she wrote, “That first time you get to hold your baby, you’ve waited so long to meet. Xuri Li Sibounheuang.”

Congrats to this new family!