Pistons Exec Responds To Andre Drummond’s Loyalty Rant

Pistons Exec Responds To Andre Drummond’s Loyalty Rant


Being traded can never be an easy thing to go through as a professional athlete. Andre Drummond went through that yesterday as he was dealt to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a trade that saw very few valuable assets go back to the Pistons. Immediately after the trade, Drummond took to Twitter where he claimed the league has no loyalty and how he had no indication he would be moved.

Ed Stefanski, the senior advisor for the Pistons, recently spoke about the Drummond trade and even touched on the big man’s recent comments. As Stefanski explains, he understands Drummond’s frustration and says the Cavaliers only became a ble option late in the trade deadline process.

“The worst thing in the world is have to trade someone who’s been here (for a long time),” Stefanski said according to detroitnews.com. “This is the only place he’s been in. Emotions are raw. Dre knew he was in trade talks and I was talking to his representatives about different things. Cleveland came in late. I guess you’d have to talk to Dre what exactly he meant. But again, emotions are raw when this stuff happens. I understand that.”

Now, Drummond will have to go to a team that is in the middle of an ugly rebuild. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why he’s frustrated.