Pierre "Pee" Thomas Claims Lira Galore Is Harassing Him

Pierre "Pee" Thomas Claims Lira Galore Is Harassing Him


Pierre “Pee” Thomas and Lira Galore have been involved in a nasty legal battle over the last few months in regards to their baby daughter, Khaleesi. In fact, Thomas had sued Galore in order to see his daughter although Galore hit back with a countersuit of upwards of $50 million. In that suit, Galore alleged that Thomas was abusive towards her.

Now, the two are battling in court over matters that have to do with child support. Thomas believes Galore has been asking for too much child support, stating that her expenses are “suspect,” to say the least. These expenses include $2,400 per month in child care, as well as an additional $1,000 per month in clothing. Galore is also asking for $500 per month for toys, according to Bossip.

Pierre "Pee" Thomas Claims Lira Galore Is Harassing Him

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Thomas is now asking a judge to step into this battle as he feels harassed by Galore. The QC co-founder says Galore has been demanding he sends her financial statements as proof of his financial situation. Thomas is adamant that he sent her his last three tax returns and that she is simply demanding too much of him right now.

“Such disclosures are not relevant to the issues raised in the above-styled matter and are being sought as means of harassment,” court documents read.

The judge hasn’t made a decision on this matter as of yet so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.