Penis Prank Text Photographer Wants Late Model’s Family To Profit From Merch

Penis Prank Text Photographer Wants Late Model’s Family To Profit From Merch


A photo of a man with a huge package has been turned into a coronavirus pandemic prank of sorts and has even been used on new merchandise, and the photographer of the image wants the late porn star’s family to benefit from the merch sales. If that isn’t the wildest sentence you’ve ever read, then we don’t know what is. It’s quite possible that you’re familiar with the aforementioned prank, whether you were the perpetrator or the victim of the surprise schlong. People are attempting to bright the dark pandemic mood by sending friends and (hopefully not) family articles that claim to contain vital information about coronavirus, but when the unsuspecting recipient clicks on the link, it takes them to a photo of a shockingly well-endowed man.

Penis Prank Text Photographer Wants Late Model's Family To Profit From Merch TMZ

As is the case with most Internet sensations, the viral meme has already been plastered on T-shirts and other merch by websites like Barstool Sports. However, according to TMZ, the photographer of the X-rated shot, Pantheon Productions owner Walter Smith, has some thoughts on where some of the profits should go.

Walter says he took the picture back in 2009 for an unnamed porn site and now owns the rights to the photo. The subject of the shot went by the name “Wood,” although Walter clarifies that that was not actually his real name. We say “was” because “Wood” unfortunately passed away back in 2016. Walter does not feel it’s his place to give out Wood’s true identity, but he would like to see Wood’s surviving family members make some money off of the sales of the merch that bears the likeness of their late relative. He has even offered to put vendors in touch with Wood’s family if they wished to donate some of the proceeds to them. What a kind gesture from Mr. Smith.