Peg Luke’s New Single “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”: A Song that Combines Solace with Deep Human Feeling

Peg Luke’s New Single “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”: A Song that Combines Solace with Deep Human Feeling


Critically acclaimed musician Peg Luke has returned with a new single, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep,” giving off a certain calmness and reflectiveness. From Grammy and Emmy nominations, Luke has been consistent in appealing to audiences through the diversity of styles, from classical to spiritual, always displaying so many deep feelings of emotion.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” is a very soft lullaby type; in many aspects, it is unique because it is simple and sincere, particularly with recent musicality. Coming from the bedtime prayer that most people remember from their childhood, the song inspired a soothing auditory experience good for contemplation or rest. This tradition lives on with new music from Luke that’s soothing and hopeful, but fun.

Painfully personal to an extreme, the musical journey of Peg Luke is deeply enmeshed with personal life and spiritual thoughts. Most of the period since coming down with her rare autoimmune disease, full of solitary moments since the beginning of the pandemic, has marked her life for the last one and a half years. But that period of loneliness has put no dampeners on her spirit; instead, it has fired her up to continue to prolifically spread her message of faith and resilience through her music.

The idea for the lullaby “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” came to Peg Luke from her very own childhood memory of a straightforward but profound prayer. She can remember her parents holding her and saying it, creating a feeling of peace and protection that she wants to convey to her listeners. This gentle tune and gentle lyrics invite one to rest amid the noise of life.

Now on YouTube is a meditation video by Peg Luke featuring the music of such selections as “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” and several other songs that are relatively peaceful and calming. The video brings forth the ambiance of the visuals and the peace that one might feel while listening to the music.

So this is more evidence of the ongoing talent of Peg Luke and her unwavering faith that this is with her most recent single: a telling point. It says a lot about how music, not by intention but otherwise, can mold into solace and reflection, especially in the throes of trying times.

Play Luke’s “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” here: