Parhys Releases Intoxicating Single ‘Speechless’

Parhys Releases Intoxicating Single ‘Speechless’


With art in her blood, Pahrys has been a natural performer since childhood. She was keen on nurturing this talent by attending West London’s Barbara Speake Stage School — an institution known for producing such talents as Phil Collins and Naomi Campbell. She has already achieved success as an actor with roles in Eastenders and West End’s “The Lion King”. However, those projects are just the beginning of her artistic adventures.

Now Pahrys has officially entered the London music scene with her first single “Speechless”. This smooth jam works best when you close your eyes and let the music take control. Its slow sensual sound and luscious beats provide the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening. The artist is unapologetic about the song’s content. She embraces her sexuality as a natural part of her being and wishes other women can feel as empowered to do the same.

Despite spending most of her time in London, Pahrys has close family ties in New York. The influence on her music is palpable. Her style takes traditional R&B and infuses it with modern sensibilities. Her femininity is on full display but she will not be meek about it or conform to any rules. She expresses her uniquely bold spirit in every word while being earnest and comforting. She takes charge but she does not overpower. The rhythm keeps it relaxed and controlled, putting listeners in a trance.

The musicality is clear to see. The song teases audiences about what is yet to come from an up-and-coming artist. In future releases, Pahrys may showcase more of her range and vocal prowess. She could also explore different themes or dig deeper into her roots. Her journey in music is just starting and it will be fun to see how she takes it from here.

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