Oxlade Releases “DKT”

Oxlade Releases “DKT”


Listen Now: https://soundcloud.com/oxladeofficial/dkt-dis-kind-thing

An abbreviation for ‘Dis Kind Ting’ is the latest offering from the fast-rising afrobeat artist Oxlade. The storytelling, vocally and lyrically, takes center-stage on this track.

Lyrically, the track tells the story of a man in the early throws of falling in love and wanting to pursue the object of his affection and commit to her. Yet, his love interest seems to be elusive, leaving him feeling ‘dis kind ting’ where he is in pursuit and not able to conquer. Ironically, his lover’s elusiveness grows his interest.

Through Oxlade’s vocal choices, we hear him blending the best of R&B stylistic inflections with his accent and the type of phrasing typical of afro-beats. The combination augers well for the track’s crossover appeal, setting it up for a real chance at being a crossover hit. Additionally, the repetitive nature of the phrasing (both in word and melody) lends itself well to the melody being easy to remember. Of course, being deliberate in using his enunciation and clear diction to assist in his musical phrasing and overall melody, helps add to the crossover appeal of the track.

Finally, this is a new song that you simply know is a hit right out of the gate.

Update: Oxlade came out with the lyric video for ‘DKT’ and that he has his first Times Square billboard to celebrate the exclusive release.