‘Our Marriage Is Finally Over’: Teen Mom OG’s Mackenzie And Josh Are Finished

‘Our Marriage Is Finally Over’: Teen Mom OG’s Mackenzie And Josh Are Finished


Mackenzie has struggled to trust Josh through the years — and after the death of her mother Angie, the grief-stricken mother of three felt that her husband did not offer adequate support. But the plot thickened during the Teen Mom OG premiere: Mackenzie went through Josh’s phone and saw he was texting her cousin late at night, then posted about the correspondence on social media before confronting the two about the conversations.

“Josh and I got into a huge fight. He moved his stuff out and we haven’t talked since,” Mackenzie admitted.

Mackenzie revealed that Josh “has never been this mad at me” (the texts were a “misunderstanding”), and she told her sister Whitney that the “marriage is finally over.”

“We’re not together,” Mackenzie revealed. “I don’t know what Josh is going to do. I don’t know if he’s going to serve me with papers. But here I am — I’ve been with him for 12 years, and now I’m single.”

Mackenzie vowed that she needs to be the “best mom I can be” to her three kids. And sadly, the sisters’ candid chat grew even more emotional as they remembered their mother and how she would have reacted to this life-changing decision.

“She knows you fought hard, and I think she would be right with you right now supporting you,” Whitney stated, as they wiped away tears. “And helping you get through this.”

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