Nipsey Hussle’s Reading List Leads To Creation Of Marathon Book Club

Nipsey Hussle’s Reading List Leads To Creation Of Marathon Book Club


 It’s no secret that Nipsey Hussle was a well-read individual, frequently naming his favorite books in various interviews and weaving references to them throughout his lyrics. In the wake of his passing, an observant fan named Simran Kaleka took it upon herself to compile a list of Nipsey’s favorite books, titles he revealed through various interviews. As expected, many of them are informative works of non-fiction, centering around topics like self-betterment, money management, cultural studies, and sociopolitical analysis. The list, originally posted on Twitter, was ultimately shared thousands of times leading to the rare sort of viral moment – the wholesome and informative kind. It became so well-circulated that several chapters of The Marathon Book Club opened up in honor of his legacy.

The LA Times recently ran a story highlighting The Marathon Book Club, which runs in Los Angeles, OaklandNew York and Washington. With seventy-four members ranging from a diverse array of careers (the article cites professors, bankers, executives, and entrepreneurs) and boasting impressive educational backgrounds, The Marathon Book Club certainly sounds like a haven for intellectual discourse. But as the article also highlights, pretention is left at the door as more vulnerable topics are raised; the entire vibe sounds almost familial in nature.  

While the list itself exists as a reminder of Nipsey’s desire for self-improvement, the fact it inspired a book club that actively serves as a means of personal betterment speaks to the depth of his impact. Should you be interested in reading further about the members of The Marathon Book Club, check out the original piece at The LA Times. Shout out to Simran Kaleka for compiling the list to begin with.