Nicki Minaj "Queen Radio" May Have Thrown Shade At Meek Mill

Nicki Minaj "Queen Radio" May Have Thrown Shade At Meek Mill


Yesterday, Nicki Minaj announced that her Beats 1 show, “Queen Radio”, would be making its return on Monday with its first episode of 2020. She detailed that the show would be airing live from New York and would feature special guest interviews. At the end of her Instagram caption announcement, she ominously wrote, “YES, WE WILL GET INTO SOME THANGZ.” This phrase is ominous given the history of “Queen Radio” and given the past week of Nicki’s life. The rapper’s irregular radio show has largely served as a platform for her to start beef, comment on beef or end beef. Last Wednesday, Nicki came for Meek Mill after he liked a photo that mocked her husband, Kenneth Petty. The exes ended up going back-and-forth on Twitter, launching disturbing accusations at one another. Nicki alleged that Meek beat her while they were dating. In return, Meek claimed Nicki paid her brother’s legal fees despite knowing that he was guilty of molesting his step-daughter. Despite later expressing regret for engaging in this online dispute, Nicki rehashed it on “Queen Radio”, although in a very mild way. 

Today’s episode was primarily about Nicki’s fans. She phoned Barbz around the world and let them ask questions in exchange for giveaways. “This is the reason why I switched up my show today,” Nicki said, presumably referring to how she kept things non-scandalous. “I just love my fans so much.” However, shortly after pointing out how wholesome the episode was, Nicki may have sent some subtle shade in Meek’s direction. 

Nicki Minaj "Queen Radio" May Have Thrown Shade At Meek MillRich Fury/Getty Images

She specifically requested for her DJ to run back the beginning of her verse on her 2018 song, “Chun Swae.” She would not proceed with the show until he replayed the following bars: “Yo, I’m me, I’m Barbie drippin’ / DB9, Barbie whippin’ / If he say he don’t want me back, he be lyin’.” It’s the third line that draws attention. When Nicki was clowning Meek the other day, she wrote about him in an Instagram story, “Trigger fingers turn to #TwitterFingers bad built face ass obsessed with the Queen.” Amid this beef, Meek officially revealed that he’s dating fashion designer Milan Harris, who is also pregnant with his child. Regardless, Nicki seems to be insinuating that Meek is still not over her.