Nicki Minaj Hints That She Might Be Pregnant During Twitter Q&A

Nicki Minaj Hints That She Might Be Pregnant During Twitter Q&A


Nicki Minaj has been known to troll her fanbase in the past and her use of Twitter is always a great place to start those little fires. Today, Nicki hopped on Twitter where she engaged with her fans about the success of her “Say So” remix with Doja Cat. For the most part, Nicki fielded numerous questions about the song and how the collaboration ultimately came about.

However, at one point, a fan asked Nicki about whether or not she has been having morning sickness which, of course, is a sign that you might be pregnant. Nicki took the bait and answered the question, noting that she has been nauseous and going to the bathroom more than usual. From there, a fan asked if she would be showing off a baby pump anytime soon. Minaj answered that question, as well, saying: “Yea in a couple months. The world ain’t ready yet.” 

These comments certainly imply that she might be pregnant but as we said before, Nicki has been known for trolling in the past and there is no telling for sure. Even her fans are remaining cautiously optimistic about these revelations, with some saying they will only believe it once the baby is born.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story as we will be sure to bring them to you.