Nick Cannon Speaks On Suge Knight’s Code Of Snitching

Nick Cannon Speaks On Suge Knight’s Code Of Snitching


Following the previous comments he made to VLAD TV regarding his upcoming Malcolm X-inspired book about Suge Knight, Nick Cannon also spoke about the disgraced music mogul’s code when it comes to snitching.

Nick Cannon Speaks On Suge Knight's Code Of Snitching

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The latest clip from Vlad’s interview with Cannon is only three-and-a-half minutes long, but it sure does pack in a lasting sentiment from the mind of Death Row Records’ former head honcho. On the subject of snitching, Nick, who spoke with Suge shortly before sitting down for this extensive talk, says that it’s deeper than how most people would define it. According to the Wild ‘N Out host, Suge said, “If somebody’s already lied on me, and I’m clearing it up, how is that snitching?” He also relayed another message from Suge, who stated, “In this system, snitching comes with rewards. If I say something about this person or say this person did it, I get lesser time. By me telling my truth, there’s no rewards; it’s gonna be worse for me by telling what really occurred!” Nick left us with one final note from Knight with these words: “I’m doing this to strengthen my spirit and so I can sleep easy at night.”

Does Suge Knight have a point? Watch the latest clip from Nick Cannon’s VLAD TV interview below and then let us know your thoughts: