Nick Cannon Says Fourth Eminem Diss Track Is Actually About 50 Cent

Nick Cannon Says Fourth Eminem Diss Track Is Actually About 50 Cent


After Eminem brought up Nick Cannon‘s name on Fat Joe’s most recent album, the comedian decided that he would devote a bunch of interview time to the Detroit rapper, speaking on him almost every chance he gets. At this point, some people believe it’s almost laughable how often Nick Cannon speaks about Eminem, releasing a handful of diss records against him as well. The most recent instance of Nick shit-talking the self-proclaimed Rap God comes his interview with DJ Vlad, who has been asking some instigative questions as he attempts to get the juicy scoops about their long-lived beef. A fourth song referencing the rapper, titled “Used To Look Up To You,” was released last month and in it, Cannon seemingly talks trash about Marshall Mathers’ fans but, in reality, it turns out that the lyric in question was actually about 50 Cent.

“N***as out here tweetin’ like they been a savage/Used to Look Up to You/Dick ridin’ lil Marshall Mathers,” raps Nick Cannon on “Used To Look Up To You.” The bar was perceived to be a dig at all of Em’s fans but it was actually meant for Shady’s longtime collaborator, 50 Cent.

“‘Used To Look Up To You,’ if you actually listen to it, is more about 50 [Cent] and a lot of these other rappers,” says Cannon in the newest upload from his interview with Vlad. “That was clearly about 50 and a lot of his other fans.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the actor says that Eminem is a product of institutionalized racism. Watch below.