Niall Horan "Put a Little Love on Me" Late Late Show

Niall Horan "Put a Little Love on Me" Late Late Show


The hot wings battle with James Corden did not go that well.

Night two of Niall Week on The Late Late Show was both hot and totally cool. It began with Niall Horan and his best bro, host James Corden, challenging each other to eat the hottest chicken wings possible in a skit that got both men sweating through their shirts. After tackling a very spicy batch, the self-proclaimed Hot Boys doubled down on the “Insane-O” sauce.

One bite had Corden dumping an ice bucket on his head and Horan dunking his face in a vat of sour cream. “These are for babies,” a red-faced Corden chuckled when the waitress asked if they were too much. So the kitchen sent out the Devil’s Birthday Party Ghost Pepper Wings, which had disastrous consequences for Corden and drove Niall to take a whole-body blue cheese bath.

The singer got all cleaned up a short time later, when he took the stage to perform a piano and strings version of the Earthquake Weather ballad “Put a Little Love On Me.” Horan’s second solo album is due out on Friday (March 13).

Watch Horan on The Late Late Show below.