New York Knicks’ Next President Revealed After Short Search

New York Knicks’ Next President Revealed After Short Search


New York Knicks fans have been subjected to a lot of mediocrity over the last few decades and it’s starting to weigh on the fans in negative ways. James Dolan can’t even enter Madison Square Garden without fans demanding he sells the team. This past week, Knicks president Steve Mills was fired which was a move that brought joy to Knicks fans everywhere. This past week, the team has been looking for a new president and it seems as though they have found someone.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Knicks are hiring CAA agent Leon Rose as their next president of basketball operations. Rose has been known for wielding a lot of power and both players and executives respect him. In fact, Rose has some big-name players on his roster and the Knicks think his relationships will help him bring a new direction to the team.

It remains to be seen whether or not Rose will be able to turn the Knicks’ fortunes around although fans are pretty optimistic. Many around the league feel as though this is a solid move which is unusual for the Knicks. Perhaps the franchise has turned a new leaf and is finally bringing their operations into the 21st century.

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