Nev Schulman Surprises Pregnant Waitress With An Unforgettable Tip

Nev Schulman Surprises Pregnant Waitress With An Unforgettable Tip


Nev Schulman is known for helping people on Catfish — 10 seasons and counting! And the MTV co-host’s penchant for assisting those in need was just on full display outside of the long-running MTV series.

The digital detective — who you can watch every Wednesday on the first-ever virtual Catfish season — was recently at Denver International Airport and sat down at a restaurant in his terminal. Nev struck up a conversation with his waitress, who happened to be pregnant.

“He’s like, ‘When are you due?'” Zulia Reyes recounts in the Denver7 News clip above (which Nev also shared on Twitter). “I told him September 26. He’s like, ‘That’s my birthday.'”

And when it was time to pay, Nev made sure to congratulate Zulia on her baby girl — and incorporate 9/26 into the bill.

“The tip was $926, for my due date,” Zulia revealed. “It means the world to my baby and my family — we never expected that ever to happen to us.”

Nev wrote “fingers crossed” on the bill for a September 26 delivery date — Libra bday twins!

“It means rent, or it means at least her crib or her stroller is paid for,” Reyes said. “And it makes me so emotional that something like that is taken care of and I don’t have to worry about it.”

A simple exchange, leading to an extremely heartwarming gesture. Be sure to watch Catfish every Wednesday with Nev and Kamie — and check out a glimpse of tonight’s installment below.