Ne-Yo & Wife Crystal Smith Drop Hints That They’ve Split

Ne-Yo & Wife Crystal Smith Drop Hints That They’ve Split


R&B singer Ne-Yo married his wife, Crystal Smith, on February 20th, 2016, but it looks like these two may not be making it to their four-year wedding anniversary. Various clues from both parties seem to demonstrate that the happy couple may have called it quits in recent months. The first indication that there’s trouble in paradise for these two is that they have not made any public appearances together for months. While many couples keep their relationship fairly private and thus aren’t seen together all the time, a much more suspect clue that their marriage is in shambles can be found on social media. Crystal has deleted every single photo of her husband from her Instagram account, and it appears that she has unfollowed him, as well. Not only that, but Crystal has also been sharing plenty of posts with captions that seem to imply she’s finally single and stoked about it.

On Wednesday, she shared a selfie video with the caption, “She been humble way too long …” She followed this up on Friday with a black and white photo of her wearing a gorgeous white gown, declaring, “It takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations..and you can’t buy that.” On Ne-Yo’s end of things, he’s been less cryptic on social media, and still has photos of Crystal on his account, including a post from the end of last year on which he revealed that “2019 had its bumps and bruises.”

Despite declaring that they had “big plans for 2020,” the caption indicates that they were indeed having trouble in their marriage for the past year. A recent video of Ne-Yo serves as further proof that he and Crystal may not have been able to save their marriage. In the clip, Ne-Yo can be seen wearing his wedding ring on his pinky, a strange choice for a happily married man.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the evidence is quite telling. Hopefully this is just a rough patch, and these two will be able to work it out.

Ne-Yo & Wife Crystal Smith Drop Hints That They've SplitFrazer Harrison/Getty Images