NBA’s Rumored Plan For Return To Action Revealed

NBA’s Rumored Plan For Return To Action Revealed


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, sports fans have been robbed of their favorite athletic events. Every single league in the world, except for those in South Korea, has been put on pause as the world tries to figure out how to deal with this new illness that has been ravaging the globe. One of the leagues that have been hit hardest by all of this is none other than the NBA which was just a few weeks away from the postseason when all of this happened.

Over the past month or so, the league has been hard at work as they look for a solution in regards to returning to action. There have been multiple suggestions, including a hub city that every single game would be played in. Now, according to The Ringer, many around the NBA believe the league will jump straight into the playoffs whenever action resumes.

NBA's Rumored Plan For Return To Action Revealed

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At the start, it seemed like the league could come back and play 5-7 more regular-season games before starting the playoffs but now, a scenario in which only 16 teams come back is more likely. It is also theorized that the first two rounds of the playoffs would be best-of-three as opposed to the usual best-of-seven.

Needless to say, we are living in unprecedented times and nothing is outside the realm of possibility.