NBA YoungBoy’s Mom Sends A Message To His Numerous Girlfriends

NBA YoungBoy’s Mom Sends A Message To His Numerous Girlfriends


YoungBoy Never Broke Again is very vulnerable in his music, singing about his relationship struggles and how he just wants to find somebody to settle down with. For some reason though, he just can’t seem to succeed in that area of his life. Musically, the 20-year-old is performing better than the majority of artists he’s up against. Romantically though, he seems to have some problems. NBA YoungBoy is constantly finding himself on The Shade Room and other gossip websites for his exploits with women like Yaya Mayweather (his current girlfriend), Kaylyn (his ex-girlfriend), Jania (his other ex-girlfriend), and all the unnamed women we see him hanging out with. With such a messy love life, one of YB’s fans felt it was appropriate to ask his mother, of all people, if she’s ever butted into his personal life to tell his multiple girlfriends to know their worth. Her response makes a lot of sense. 

NBA YoungBoy's Mom Sends A Message To His Numerous Girlfriends
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Posting her answer to her Instagram story, NBA YoungBoy’s mother said that it isn’t her job to speak to her son’s partners like that, it’s their own mothers’. She’s correct too. While people can be critical about the number of girls YoungBoy Never Broke Again keeps around him, it’s not his mother’s place to tell them what they should be focusing on.

Yaya Mayweather recently spoke out to tell her followers that she and YoungBoy couldn’t be any happier, planning to have each other’s backs for the rest of their lives. Do you believe that?