NBA YoungBoy Soon To Be A Father Of Four

NBA YoungBoy Soon To Be A Father Of Four


On Twitter, a guy named Kgopolo Mphela broke the news the 18-year-old’s most recent child, saying “18 year old rapper NBA Youngboy expecting 5th child from his 4th baby mama.” Mr. NBA couldn’t help but correct him, it’s actually his fourth child, presumably still from his fourth baby mama:

The smile emoji is reminiscent NBA’s own charming grin that he put on display in a recent interview. In the video, filmed at a celebrity basketball game, YoungBoy doesn’t really say anything, but just smiles and looks at the interviewer, who agrees to go on a date with him f the strength his pearly whites (which are actually icy diamonds) alone: 

The mother  Youngboy’s new child is, according to XXL, his ex-girlfriend Jania, who he is not allowed to see since being accused  assaulting her in a Georgia hotel.

After all this, Maury Povich couldn’t help but chime in, fering his baby-mama/daddy mediation services to the young rapper and future father four:

Despite the new child and assault charges, YoungBoy will be going on an American tour this summer until halloween.