Nappi Devi Releases New Single ‘Muffin’

Nappi Devi Releases New Single ‘Muffin’


R&B sensation Nappi Devi lays out a smooth, enticing track with his new single, “Muffin.” Devi’s signature voice blares across the musical spectrum with a fresh, laid-back beat in the background. The lyrics are cleverly written and sung with a blend of R&B and slow rap — perfect for those romantic nights at home or chillout sessions. Devi delivers a soulful ballad here without losing the old-school and new-school hip-hop audiences. His voice is as slick as Domino and similar to Pharrell in pitch and delivery.

“Muffin” is a throwback to the R&B hip-hop fusion days of the late 80s and early 90s. This is a track Teddy Riley would’ve loved to produce with a steady flow and overlapping lyrics you can’t help but swing to. Nappy Devi may have captured old-school R&B fans with this track that personifies his unique flavor and touch. While similar to Mark Morrison in style, Devi has a distinct persona that embodies hip-hop, romance, and vintage rhythm and blues pizzazz.

“Muffin” is raw, gritty, and edgy at best. While some of the lyrics are explicit, they seamlessly blend in with the theme and gist of the song. This song is perfect for road trips — roll your windows down and turn up the volume on this track with evergreen, timeless flavor. Devi may be one of the top stars in the musical genre without even knowing it. This cutting-edge, innovative ballad will continue to resonate with fans across a myriad of generations — old and young.



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