MusiCares Launches Wellness in Music Survey

MusiCares Launches Wellness in Music Survey


MusiCares is encouraging music creators with five years of experience to make their voices heard in its first-ever Wellness in Music survey. 

Administering this questionnaire, which is open until November 9, to this experienced group of music professionals will measure wellbeing within the music industry, based on their honest and helpful feedback, particularly as it relates to areas of concerns such as mental and physical health and wellness. Find the survey here. 

Results of the Wellness in Music survey will be available in early 2021.

The new annual survey comes months after MusiCares and the Recording Academy established the COVID-19 Relief Fund during the height of the pandemic. This special relief fund, which has granted more than 19,000 music professionals with immediate financial support, marked the most recipients assisted for any single relief effort in MusiCares history. 

In an exclusive interview with Harvey Mason, Jr., the interim CEO/President of the Recording Academy, in May, he shared additional support that was provided to the music community. 

“We have moved the needle in Washington, D.C., during some of the negotiations around stimulus packages,” he told Rated R&B. “We had our advocacy team and our lobbyists in D.C. jumping up and down in making sure our musicians and music people’s voices were heard, so we could be included in some of these packages and some of these legislations that passed. 

He added, “We had over 25,000 people viewing the webinar that were walking individuals through the process of getting payment protection, loans or unemployment money or different ways that people can access some relief funds that the government has set aside. Being able to educate music people on how to access some of that money feels like it was very positive.”