Mu Diamonds a rising rapper and a CEO talks about his struggle in life

Mu Diamonds a rising rapper and a CEO talks about his struggle in life


Several factors might obstruct people from achieving their objectives, and while these can be annoying, their futures will be determined by their level of ambition. Andre Yarbrough aka Mu Diamonds disability proved to be a massive roadblock in his pursuit of a music career. He eventually overcame the mountain of doubt that had dogged him, leading him to a successful career as Mu Diamonds and the launch of his label, Dynesty Entertainment.

Life Background
Mu Diamonds was born and reared in Buffalo, New York, and had a violent background. However, like many others in his teens, he sought peace in music. Mu began rapping at the age of 14, lounging around with his pals and listening to instrumentals while freestyling their verses.

Early hardships of life
Nevertheless, his way of life would finally catch up with him, and he would end up in prison. Even though life had taken a gloomy turn, it would only grow darker. Mu’s life had taken a turn for the worse, and it was only going to grow worse once he used a wheelchair.
“He was shot twice in a drive-by shooting,” he stated in an interview. That was the most challenging battle he’s ever faced.”
Mu Diamonds have been subject to some of the most heinous abuse imaginable since his disability. He remembers feeling betrayed by loved ones who abandoned him to the elements. Despite the enormous hostility that surrounded Mu Diamonds, he was able to emerge from the ashes and focus on his career.

Starting career as a musician
As a musician, the up-and-coming rapper possesses a diverse set of abilities that help him stand out. He also includes unrivalled determination, drive, and vision, all of which have contributed to his success. “I notice that there is music.” I’m not sure I agree, he said.
He began to hustle and create his music career after putting the terrible experience together. Thanks to their unwavering determination, passion, and vision, diamonds have built a significant following in the northeast over the last decade. His song, which you can check on his YouTube channel resonated with the crowd, many of whom shared his background growing up in the ghettos and hoods of New York City. Diamonds was able to present a modern-day glimpse into his life experience, one that many can relate to, following in the footsteps of the rappers before him.

Diamonds’ music and passion as an artist readily identify him from other rappers in the neighbourhood, as his lyrical genius reflects his intense desire to stand above everyone else. He updates his fans about his latest work on music by posting it on social platforms. You can also get notifications about the artist if you follow him on his social platforms account.
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Starting his music label
Mu Diamonds has launched his record label, Dynesty Entertainment. The artist refers to his label as more than just bricks and wiring, describing it as a place where a family-oriented community has come together. Diamonds’ label serves as a haven for musicians looking to launch their careers.