Independent R&B artist Miss Washington released her brand-new EP F. A. T. E (Deluxe) on October 23rd exclusively available through misswashingtonmusic.com. Her smooth, sultry, and soulful voice denotes back to more old-school female vocalists. Influenced by her passion for Gospel, Jazz and old-school R&B, hints of Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrell, Anita Baker and Anderson Paak can be heard in her music.

Miss Washington is involved in every step of writing, composition, and production of the entire EP F. A. T. E (Deluxe) is an incredibly personal piece, which takes you on a relationship journey. Starting with the first few notes of Fantasy, you can hear the joy and hopeful tones of a new relationship. Miss Washington’s soulful voice carries you through the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that come with time, the twists, and turns can be heard in tracks like Change and the end with Truth.

Miss Washington states, “I’m so excited about my new album “F. A. T. E” (Deluxe)! One of my favorite things about it is that it is a multi-faceted album which means there is a piece of it for every type of listener! It carries a variety of different sounds! It’s a very emotional and romantic album and gives the essence that the listener is reading pages in someone’s love diary.”

Available to download now!

Notes on F.A.T.E (Deluxe): 

Album Track list

1. Fantasy 

    This track is literal in its name with the meaning. Outlines the fantasy and longing for the one you love and wishful thinking of what they should be in the future. 

2. No Cap

    This track is the phase of officially being with the one you love in an official relationship. They feel special and feel like they have found the one.

3. Get to Know

    This track is the phase of really opening up to a person mentally and forming a deeper bond through the intellect and feeling safe enough with that person to share such vulnerable things.

4. Change

    This track is the phase of hitting the rough patch in a relationship. Almost feel a little disfunction because there is so much misunderstanding. You see the ways in which the person is stuck in their ways/habits instead of seeing the other person’s perspective.

5. Truth

   This is the phase of the relationship where you look past the person’s flaws and use the basis of love to have forgiveness and compassion for the other person and at the end of the day you want make it work with that person.

6. Get to Know (Unplugged)

 About Miss Washington

Graduating from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston with a Bachelor of Music set her in good standing to pursue a career as a solo artist.  As a professionally trained pianist and keyboardist, Miss Washington has performed and shared the stage with incredible artists like Grammy award-winning Lalah Hathaway, Gloria Estefan, and  Beyonce’s all-female band, as well as being an assistant to the Music Director of Black Girls Rock.

Her message for life is to accept good and bad experiences, let them teach you, and shape you into the person you are today. Taking chances in life and not being defined by fear is a very personal message of Miss Washington and her upcoming EP. For more information, visit misswashingtonmusic.com.