Mike Tyson Recalls When 2Pac Visited Him In Prison On T.I.’s "ExpediTIously"

Mike Tyson Recalls When 2Pac Visited Him In Prison On T.I.’s "ExpediTIously"


Today, T.I. is gearing up to drop off a new episode of his ExpediTIously podcast, and it might end up being the biggest yet. His latest guest is none other than Iron Mike Tyson, who appears to be in fine form as he reflects on stories with a joint in hand. From the look of it, one such story centers around the time 2Pac came and visited Mike Tyson in prison; you may recall that Tyson and Pac were good friends, with Pac’s death having occurred after he witnessed Mike Tyson defeat Bruce Seldon in Las Vegas.  

Mike Tyson Recalls When 2Pac Visited Him In Prison On T.I.'s "ExpediTIously"

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

In a clip shared by T.I, the conversation begins in medias res. “All of a sudden he jumps on the table,” recalls Tyson. “The cops, the guards are looking at him and I’m like, ‘come down, get down from there,” he continues, on some stern dad energy. “He’s still up there, and I say ‘what’s wrong? Come down, please, get down!’ The guards in the prison didn’t like him cause when he came, the inmates got rowdy and pumped up. That’s like a safety situation there so they really didn’t like him.”

T.I. seems content to soak it all in, laughing at Iron Mike’s animated delivery. “He was just a bolt of energy,” explains Mike. “When he came in, everybody knew him. He had mad respect. I guess that’s how he lived his life, he demanded respect. When the word came out he just came to visit me, and then he went out and shot two police officers, off-duty police officers. Everybody in the prison went crazy! It was like a riot, everybody went crazy!” 

As of this moment, the full episode has yet to drop. Stay tuned for Mike Tyson’s full appearance on T.I.s ExpediTIously arriving later today, and catch the teaser clip below.